Video Production Objectives, Part 2: Teaching Your Target Market

radiologist reading radiology reports target market

Last week we discussed why it’s so very important to do market analysis and know who your target market is (if you missed it, you can check out the blog here). Not only should you have that information for yourself as a business owner or marketing specialist, but you should be able to clearly relay that information to any production company that you hire to provide video services for you.

The professional video company will combine your message with their skills to reach your target audience as effectively as possible.

To that end, you should expect the video production company you hire to ask you several very succinct questions.

Like this one:

What do You Need Your Audience to Know?

The answer to this question is the knowledge portion of your marketing platform.

Whether you are filming a movie, an advertisement, or a training video; whether you are writing the next great American novel, an academic presentation, or a blog; whether you are speaking at an international business symposium, a local church, or to your children over the dinner table, your target audience needs to know certain things when you’re done communicating.

What are those things? What is the baseline knowledge that your target audience needs to have in order for the rest of your message to make sense?

Do they need to know that your prices are better? That your service is environmentally friendly? That your credentials set you above your competition? That quality is your primary focus in production?

What is it? Be clear and be brief. As Forbes said, “Specificity is better than Ambiguity 11 times out of 10. Simple and concise is always better than complicated and confusing.”

How Would You Like to See Your Information Displayed?

Now that you’ve identified what you want your target market to know, you’ll need to figure out how you want that information displayed for the highest impact possible. Be prepared for a professional video company to discuss this with you at length during project development.

graphic from CSP video production

Some display method options to think about:

  • facts and figures,
  • real life impact or verification stories,
  • engaging/trust-worthy verbal presentation,
  • actor dramatization,
  • corroboration by public figures to build confidence.

How This Applies to Hiring a Video Production Company to Produce a Video for You

Video production is a multi-sensory form of communication. Music, voice, lighting, script, and much more work hand in hand to create a captivating and memorable communication experience – part of which is simple knowledge.

Not your knowledge, mind you – your audience’s knowledge.

Giving them this knowledge gives them intellectual reasons to choose you over your competition; to remember you in amid a sea of businesses offering the same service.

Portfolio Example

A few years ago Clear Summit Productions produced a series of videos marketing an after-hours radiology service to hospitals. Our client had a high amount of very technical information to convey to his target audience – an audience who is made up primarily of medical directors and officers for hospitals.

In other words, extremely busy professionals already possessed of a high degree of intelligence and field-specific knowledge.

Here is a link to the last of his series of videos. Our client was precise, informative, and efficient, which was exactly what his target market needed to make a fast, informed decision.

Next week we’ll continue our examination of the legs supporting your marketing platform. Stay tuned.


Clear Summit Productions is a Colorado-based video production company that produces video for private, public, and non-profit companies. See our Portfolio page for some of our latest projects.

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